November 08, 2018 / Daniel Todd

3 Tips to Create a Great Insurance Website

Everyone knows that you need a website to be competitive in the market today, but few insurance companies are taking full advantage of their online presence. Your site can be much more than a digital business card. When optimized, your site can be a source of reoccurring revenue. To get the most out of your online presence, follow these simple tips. insurance website design

Tip #1 – Uncover Needs 
Many people fail to buy the proper insurance products because they do not realize the need for them. Your company’s site can add value to individuals and businesses by exposing common insurance needs and trends in the industry. By sharing this information, you can create the opportunity to meet those uncovered needs.

Tip #2 – Be Informative 
The mistake many companies make online is that they attempt to “hard sell” in every piece of content. The secret is that if you add value to the people that read your content, trust is developed and leads will organically result. View you site as a relational tool that allows you to be the expert in your field.

Tip #3 – Optimize for Local Markets 
Google is creating advantages for local business sites to compete in their local markets. This is a huge opportunity to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site, which leads to more potential clients. This is a more difficult tip to implement and it is a good idea to get help correctly optimizing your site to be competitive in your niche. Only Insurance Sites is a company that specializes in creating websites specifically for insurance companies. Their experience as an insurance website builder can give you exactly what you need to create a site that generates revenue.

Unless you are incredibly familiar with SEO and site speed optimization, using an insurance website builder from Only Insurance Sites is highly recommended. Contact us today to begin your project.