Websites for Insurance Agencies


  • Fully Custom Design

    Have a better looking site that converts more visitors than your competitors

  • Unlimited Pages

    You don’t have to worry about getting hit with hidden per page charges

  • CMS (Content Management System)

    Change any aspect of the site through an easy control panel that we will train you on

  • Double Redundant Dedicated Hosting

    We backup your site daily and put it on 4 servers so you never have to worry about losing your data or it being compromised

  • Unlimited Email Accounts & Photos

    Unlimited number email accounts & photos that will never stress you out. has 15 millions photos that you can have access to.

  • Meta Data As Unique As Your Business

    Developers create your meta tags and descriptions so the search engines can rank

  • Unlimited Design Revisions

    Guaranteed to build your site to your exacting needs and brand with a unique flare that your clients will appreciate and make them come back for more

  • Database Contact Forms

    Communication forms that your clients fill out like you see on many sites yet your form data will be instantly emailed to you as well as stored in a database for future access

  • Custom Graphics

    Unlimited graphics to meet your every need and make your competition jealous

  • Real-Time Blog

    Use one of the internet’s most secret weapons to drive in traffic with our easy to use blogging system

  • Creative Logo Studio

    Our highly creative logo studio team will help you create a brand you can be proud of for years to come

  • Marketing Consultation

    Our industry experts will work with you one-on-one to grasp your vision of your goals and help you get there step-by-step

  • JQuery Animation, CSS Development & Browser Checks

    The latest in animation technology to ensure fast load times, ease of use for all users and impactful website messages that get noticed. Our team builds your site in CSS which means your site is flexible and adjusts to the clients browser size. Our tools allow us to easily ensure your site looks great on all browsers.

  • Social Media Development

    The single most underused tool that makes a huge impact on client appreciation and Google ranking is yours free of charge which includes Facebook pages, LinkedIn connections, and Google Plus/ Pages development

  • Mobile Website / iPhone App

    Exclusive to Law Firm Sites is our recursive updating mobile website and iPhone app. Update your regular site and your mobile site and iPhone app are updated in real-time automatically. Your mobile site will also display automatically when a visitor to your site is browsing on their mobile device. Works on all mobile devices including android, Apple and Blackberry products.

  • Personal Project Manager

    Industry leading project managers who know what your clients want and need. They will listen to your vision and struggles and help solve any problems or concerns that arise quickly. They are your assistant for all intensive purposes who will cater to your every website need.

  • Google Standards Compliance & Site Map

    Exclusive Google code writers review your site to ensure it meets all of Google’s latest rules and standards which ensures your site beats your competitors website. They will look at the content, code and layout to verify it meets the current standards and help in the development process to avoid any penalties from errors or bad code. We also submit an XML site map that Google requires.

  • 50 (+) Page Surcharge

    If your website has over 50 pages of content that needs to be transferred over there will be a $500 surcharge


  • Innovative Backlink Building

    Most people don’t know this but the original name of Google was ‘Backrub’. The reason for this is the backlink. A backlink is simply a link from one website to another. The more backlinks you have the better you will rank. In essence it is a vote for your website. Backlinks are difficult to get because you have to convince someone to link to your site. The type of site that is linking to you is important as well. Google doesn’t view a dog food company linking to a law website as relevant (unless there was a connection.) — Our team will go out and find relevant backlinks and slowly build those for you. Rapid backlink building is a very bad thing in Google’s eyes.

  • Disavow Bad Links

    Google’s new algorithm searches for non-relevant or bad links & counts those against you. Have too many & you will never be on the first page. Our team has tools to detect and remove these bad links. It takes a lot of research and negotiating with Google, but it can be done.

  • Creative Blogging

    Our team is US based. We don’t outsource it like each one of our competitors. Our creative writers are college students who major in English/Marketing & wish to build their resumes. They use their creativity & understanding of the ever changing blog world & put it to work for you.

  • In-Depth Competition Research

    The way Google ranks is by comparing your site to your competitors. Our dedicated marketing team takes a look at the competitors stats, rank, backlinks, blogs, content and other aspects of their website to determine what needs to be done to beat them. We built our marketing strategy around these statistics and turn your SEM into science instead of guesswork.

  • Exclusive Goal Setting and Reporting

    Your SEO manager will discuss the goals of the marketing campaign and work to manage your expectations of results. You will hear from your manager at least twice a month and more when needed. The report you will receive will be generated by your manager and sent to you on the first of every month.

  • Collaboration and Communication

    Industry First – Law Firm Sites has built a very easy to use portal that will track all of your stats and communication so anyone on your team can communicate with ours and be in sync with the strategy in place. Our industry first client interface will make your life so much easier by tracking all conversations and commitments. It makes it much easier for you to hold us to our promises.

  • Proactive Professional Google Analytics Evaluation and Adjustment

    Google Analytics is a tool used to track traffic, understand what keywords they are using to find your site and what pages they are leaving your site from. It is important to ensure clients don’t leave from your home page the majority of the time. If they are leaving from the home page, this means the wrong strategy is in place and you are getting the wrong traffic. Our team reviews this monthly and makes changes before you even see it to ensure we are not wasting your time or resources. Being proactive ensures we don’t have to put out fires.

  • Industry Leading Content Creation That Generates Buzz

    Our blogging team also is our content creation team. The reason for this is they understand the industry buzz and trends. We want them to be the ones who help create your content that not just sites dormant on a page but is inviting and gets read by your visitors. The longer people stay on your site, the better your ranking. Content is a large part of that. It is also the single most time consuming portion of any lawyers task when developing or marketing a site. We relieve you of that stress and time consuming task.

  • Press Releases That Blanket The Industry

    A press release should be used about every six months due to industry guidelines. There is always something interesting to say or report about your firm and our marketing team will draw that out and let the world know how great you are.

  • On-Page Optimization Gurus Constantly Tweak and Adjust

    Using the data we retrieve from Google’s databases – we use it to adjust & tweak your site. Making adjustments is tracked by Google & you are given better ranking for making your site better. Our team also reviews the database records of Yahoo, Bing & the other search engines to ensure the Google adjustments fit the other search engine guidelines as well. Google currently controls 70% of the search market which leads us to cater to their standards first.

  • Most Current Social Media Tools

    Social media changes as often as technology does. Our team will use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Maps & Local Places to produce results. Most companies aren’t using social media correctly. It is important to Google and the other search engines.

  • Directory Submissions & Google Webmaster Tools

    Some search engines have to be manually submitted and reviewed. These are difficult to get listed in but those who are listed here get better ranking. DMOZ is one example. We also put your site through Google Webmaster Tools. It tells you how Google sees your site and helps you adjust to meet all of their criteria and repair broken elements/ code of your site.


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