Why We Love Building Insurance Agency Websites

Our team of highly skilled professionals listen to your needs, vision and concerns and develop a fantastic website tailored just for your agency.

Only Insurance Sites was established in 2001 by Daniel Todd. He got his experience working with his father building ABT Insurance Services in Atlanta, GA. ABT Insurance is one of the premier insurance agencies in the Atlanta Metro area and has been in business for over 32 years.

Daniel loved insurance but also loved technology and the innovations possible with combining the two. After he built the website for his agency when the web was brand new and Google wasn’t even around, an idea sparked in him to start his own insurance website consulting business.

15 years later and with hundreds of websites under his belt, Daniel continues to push the envelope of what is possible for insurance websites. Having a high performing website that doesn’t just sit static but actually builds the book of business is what drives Dan to build more creative and innovative insurance websites.

Daniel has a team of 15 developers, coders and project managers ready to assist each client’s needs and concerns. He also employs a full-time content writer whose whole goal is to make your website read as good as it looks.

The majority of the staff at Only Insurance Sites has been with the company for over 5 years. This should tell you something about how the company runs—with respect for the individual and focused on making each website great.